Writer George RR Martin is going to create a non-profit foundation for film that will be used as a production studio.

The non-profit Stagecoach Foundation will be based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the writer’s hometown. It will support Hollywood names and emerging filmmakers. George RR Martin’s idea is to make the studio available to creators of film and television, especially up-and-coming authors.

Martin’s foundation will be a 2800-square-metre space housing offices and production facilities. Santa Fe’s mayor Javier Gonzales wrote in a Twitter post that the Coen brothers would be the first to use the studio. The politician noted the film studio would become an important part of the city’s film infrastructure and boost the economic and cultural development of Santa Fe.

George RR Martin plans to finish another novel in his book series A Song of Ice and Fire this year, on which the series Game of Thrones was based. The showrunners recently announced the premiere date for season 7 and confirmed that season 8 would be the final season consisting of only six episodes.

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