The performance was created by artist Nadya Sayapina

Source: Olga Mzhelskaya

More than 20 people – artists, contemporary theatre professionals, art historians, curators, art managers and other arts professionals – held a performance titled Heritage at Minsk’s Art Belarus Gallery on July 1.

The performance was conceived by artist Nadya Sayapina:

“Like any artwork, the performance can be interpreted in many ways.

For me, it is about living art and mediators, who make it alive, transmit it through themselves, can defend its value “with their backs”, literally.

It is how any art can at one time be heritage, a target, a symbol, a message, material and nonmaterial, something that is present and absent.

Art is people behind it.”

Participants: Yanis Saar, Masha Tanina, Anna Redko, Oksana Zhgirovskya, Valentina Moroz, Kristina Brukshtyn, Ulyana Nevzorova, Irina Lukashenko, Dmitry Oi, Lena Ogorelysheva, Kiryl Kalbasnikau, Maryia Bialkovič, Nadya Sayapina, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, Artur Kamarouski, Sasha Babkova, Gennady Arkhipov, Natasha Brik, Kristina Ivantsova, Dasha Churko and others.

Artowrks on the backs of the participants were seized by the authorities in a criminal case against potential presidential candidate Viktor Babariko.

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