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Kalanchak, Ukraine Concert for Stolen Land July 23, 21:56 Brest, Belarus Brest Transit. Part 1 June 12, 17:40 Vugly, Babruisk, Belarus River Theatre, the Flying Dutchman of Belarusian rivers May 09, 13:33 Hrodna, Belarus Ales Dzianisau: “I am an enemy of the state” May 07, 14:40 Minsk, Belarus Filmmaker Aleksandra Butor: I hate superficial approach to work May 01, 15:24 Minsk, Belarus Illya Malinouski: “There was a Belarusian tribe called Drymonichs” April 27, 17:10 London, UK What will unite film, animation, games, interactive media, in the digital age? April 25, 6:43 Moldova Citizen Journalism: Moldova’s Puppet Master April 19, 11:17 New York, USA Portrait attempt. Tatsiana Zamirovskaya April 11, 2:57 Minsk, Belarus Centralny. Documentary March 30, 19:37 Minsk, Belarus Citizen Journalism: Hangover November 23, 13:18 Minsk, Belarus Citizen Journalism. Nicolai Khalezin: “Recipes of an excellent dish and excellent performance are the same nature” October 28, 7:12 Minsk, Belarus Citizen Journalism: Fatal attraction June 20, 9:41 Minsk, Belarus Citizen journalism: The State called Department of Corrections June 13, 21:31 Barsuki, Belarus Citizen Journalism: House Number 5. Life in Nowhere May 23, 10:22 Minsk, Belarus Citizen Journalism March 29, 8:14 Jungle de Calais, France Calais. The last stop before the unknown March 05, 19:22 Chişinău, Moldova Ghenadie Popescu, the ascetic at an end of the world June 08, 15:08 Tekoa of Pyau, Sao Paulo, Brazil Tupa. One who is watching the rain May 29, 16:03 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Alexandre. Desperate Fisherman May 26, 15:22