People in Belarus have posted dozens of naked pictures of themselves on their workplace responding to the president’s speech, in which he said “one must get undressed and get to work”.

Well, it’s hard to tell for sure what he meant, because in Russian - the language he was speaking - the words for “undress” and “develop” bear some phonetical similarity. It could be that he just confused these two words, or actually has an idea of a work better done without clothes getting in the way.

Whatever the case may be, on the day following the speech Belarusians, to whom the passage was had been addressed, started posting pictures on social media in which they would appear indeed undressed and indeed at their place of employment - following the president’s advice to the letter.

Волна #раздеватьсяиработать захватила и #zorkamobi ! Почитали мы новости, не выдержали и побежали в переговорку раздеваться #безлишнихслов #bestaffiliatenetwork

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Распранаемся і працуем #раздеватьсяиработать #распранаццаіпрацаваць

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Мы с Богдановой за любой кипиш #раздеватьсяиработать #slivkiby

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