They staged a protest outside Marriott Hotel in Minsk, the venue for the Minsk Dialogue international forum. The same site outside the hotel was chosen by European Belarus civic initiative for a picket to campaign for candidates for the parliamentary election


Source: Olga Shukailo/

Maksim Viniarski, a coordinator of European Belarus campaign, said the protest as part of the picket to collect signatories for candidates was staged to show “what we think about the person who stole the future and the right to elect from our nation”, Tut.y reports.

The Minsk Dialogue Forum «European Security: Stepping Back from the Brink» involving high-ranked politicians and diplomats takes place on October 7-9. On October 8, Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko made a speech at the event.

As the Minsk Dialogue’s website says, the forum’s mission is “to offer an open and geopolitically unbiased platform for research and discussion on international affairs and security in Eastern Europe. Regular Minsk Dialogue events gather international experts, as well as high-level officials and diplomats.”

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