Wheelchair users held a performance in the centre of Minsk, which drew attention of traffic police and plainclothes police officers.

A series of art projects as part of a campaign to support disabled people continues in the Belarusian capital, Salidarnasts newspaper informs.

Earlier, wheelchair users and students of Belarus Free Theatre's Fortinbras theatre laboratory blocked Winners Avenue in Minsk for some minutes.

This time, on December 25, activists tried to attract attention to problems of blind people. The performance took place near the Academy of Science and in Yakub Kolas Square. The activists were accompanied by a car with plainclothes police officers and a traffic police car.

Young people say about aims of their performances and projects: “We, Fortinbras students, believe that all are different, but all have the right to accessibility. We are not mannequins. Why people with disabilities can't actively participate in the city's public and cultural life? Holidays are supposed to be for all people.”


photos by Sergei Hapon

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