Visitors of the festival could attend a lecture, watch the documentary The Network and discuss it. An exhibition and an information stand were set up


Visitors of the Fusion festival in Lärz in northeastern Germany could support and show their solidarity with the people arrested in the “Netwrok” case in Russia, Avtonom reports.

The exhibition featured 25 presentation slides with a brief history of antifa activists in Saint Petersburg and Penza, stories of the detained actists, their poetry, letters and drawings.

Visitors could donate money, buy postcards and t-shirts, make and sign postcards.

Fusion is the largest and the best known music festival in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The programme includes cultural and political events, theatre performances, film screenings, workshops.

Founded in 1997, the festival promotes the culture of “holiday communism”, an utopian solidarity community without restrictions and control, a non-discriminatory, eco-friendly and non-commercial utopia. The festival gathers 70,000 people annually.

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