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WORK HARD! PLAY HARD! is a collective self-organised platform dealing with the issues of knowledge production, cooperation, work, leisure, technology and acceleration through various performative, participatory and discursive formats.

We initiated WHPH in 2016 to try inventing a space where it would be possible to discuss these subjects in unconventional ways and in a broader Eastern European perspective by inviting our friends and colleagues. This platform originated as a way to re-establish the notion of collective work in the professional fields of art, politics and technology, where it has been significantly damaged by social atomisation and liberal individualisation in post-Soviet context since the ’90s.
The structure of WHPH includes 4 permanent members of the working group, Aleksei Borisionok,Olia Sosnovskaya, Nicolay Spesivtsev and Dzina Zhuk, who sustain it on a relatively regular but constant basis, and a wider and flexible number of contributors, invited to generate a collective annual event.

Each year the structure of this event changes — lasting a week or a weekend, being dispersed and travelling around the city or concentrated in a few locations with a non-stop action, being public or secretive, virtual and embodied — the dynamics of collaboration and self-organisation is shifting. Such experimentation reflects today’s precarity of temporal dispositions of work and leisure. The frictions between them become a working tool to accumulate knowledge about forms of collectivity.

The schedule is available on the WH!PH! website:

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