The author of graffiti depicting a fallen stool and hanging feet is unknown

Source: Basta!

The Basta! channel wrote about a new street art piece in the centre of Minsk. It remains unknown who and when created the piece. The channel writes:

“State propaganda trumpets that Belarus is ‘a country for life’. Is this really true? Even official statistics shows that Belarus is at the bottom of the ranking in Europe if we look at some quality life indicators, including the rate of suicide, alcoholism, abortions and divorces. Belarus has lost more than 10 000 people only for the first months of 2019. This is the population of a town. More and more suicides occur in the army and other defense or law enforcement agencies. Hundreds of thousands of Belarusians have to work abroad, fleeing from poverty. Entire villages and small towns are emptying. So, is this really true that ‘Belarus is a country for life’?”

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