A Banksy-style mural has appeared on a wall of a building in Venice

Suspected Banksy’s mural. Source: Lapo Simeoni/Instagram/The Art Newspaper

The mural depicts a migrant child wearing a life jacket and holding a pink flare. The work resonates with the project Barca Nostra by Swiss-Icelandic artist Christoph Büchel.

He brought to Venice the shell of the vessel that carried 1000 refugees and crashed off the Libyan coast in 2015, according to the Art Newspaper. The ship, installed at a tourist site without labels or descriptive text, sparked public debate for its positioning.

The mural was painted in Dorsoduro, a student district. It is thought to have appeared last week, during the Biennial's vernissage.

The piece, which resembles the artist’s other works, is not mentioned on his official social media account. It remains unclear whether it is Banksy who stands behind the mural.

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