Media named the FEMEN group behind the performance, but LOB’s suggested the mastermind was Deborah De Robertis. Lob’s turned out to be right

Deborah De Robertis stands face to face with a female French police officer. Source: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images/Artnet

On December 15, five silver-painted women wearing red low-neck hoodies marched down the Champs-Elysées and stopped in front of the police cordon. The performance attracted the interest of the media, but the author remained unnamed.

On December 26, Deborah De Robertis talked to Artnet about the performance.

The artist says the performance highlights the presence of women in protests. Though media noticed women in the “yellow vests” protests, she thinks it was not enough: “It is women who are first affected by precariousness, and they are often erased from history. Today they become the initiators and actors of the revolution of the yellow vests, a revolt which is now extending all over the world.”

De Robertis turns attention that the photo featuring her facing off a female police officer revealed a conceptual shift in social media: “Who is the real Marianne? The ‘uniformed police officer’ or the ‘anarchist slut’?”

The artist gives her answer: “No, they will not blur the appearance of our bodies in the field of politics.”

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