Three books about post-Soviet political utopias in Europe explore history through three main themes – collective memories, spaces and people

The Red Utopias trilogy. Source: Press release

Three books in Russian, English and French feature projects and texts by 10 authors from Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Russia - Arthur Bondar, Marylise Vigneau, Larisa Pelle, Olessia Venediktova, Karol Palka, Maxim Sarychau, Alexander Ermochenko, Florian Tonnon and Christopher Nunn.

The books will be released in February 2019. A series of presentations will take place in Paris, London, Bristol, Leeds and Saint Petersburg.

You can pre-order the books until January 6 for 33 euros per item plus shipping costs (5 euros). Customers from Belarus can contact Maxim Sarychau, a photographer and author of the Blind Spot project that was included in the book.

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