Police officers across France will take to streets but will not perform their duties except for responding to emergency calls.

Source: Euronews

In France, police plan to protest, following the “yellow vest” movement. On December 19, they will take to streets across France to stage protests "Act 1", using the same naming convention given by the “yellow vests” movement, according to Euronews.

Police unions earlier complained about working conditions. The recent protests encouraged them to act. Policemen say  they are exhausted, overworked and underpaid after five weeks of confronting “yellow vests” protesters. Police want better compensation and working conditions.

“Police are not doing well and nobody is listening," says Frederic Lagache, a member of the Alliance union.

Union leaders fear the situation may worsen and call on the Senate members to vote against cutting the police budget (€62 million) next week.

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