Maks Otto offered passengers an alternative map where the names of metro stations are replaced with the names of police stations. He also called for police to help people


Maks Otto’s performance in the St Petersburg metro. Source: Maks Otto/Artrit

Maks Otto, a Peterburg-based video blogger and artist, designed an alternative metro map, where each station’s name is the name a police station, Lentach writes on Telegram.

Otto said in a statement:

“Police Metro Map / #copsmap
Saint Petersburg, 2018

I always see policemen in streets – near shops, at bus stops, on the metro.

Today, Russia has the third largest police force in the world after China and India, but the number of of police officers per capita is higher in Russia.

That’s not to mention other law enforcement agencies, for example, the National Guard of Russia.
These figures were lower even in the USSR.
I have been at a local police station two times.

The first time was four years ago. I went to a local police officer when someone stole my bicycle, which I left in the entrance hall. An investigator said he probably couldn’t help me and showed me the door politely.
Two months ago, I went to the police for the second time after being attacked by my neighbour’s dog. I wanted to ask what I should do if my neighbour, a heavy drunker, walks his aggressive dog without a leash and muzzle.
A police officer said I could come only if the dog bit me. I was shown the door politely this time too.
You can find police stations at every metro station. At each of them, you can get help or can be politely told to get out.
Why the circus?

Dear police officers, do your job, help people live better.”

A video from the artist’s YouTube channel

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