Thief was caught on CCTV cameras, but he hid his face. Police have not identified him and released surveillance footage asking for help from public

Banksy, Trolley Hunters, 2007. Source: @nationalpost/Twitter

Banksy’s print worth $45,000 was stolen from an art show curated by Steve Lazarides, the artist’s former agent. The piece was stolen on June 17 before the opening of the exhibition.

Police released surveillance footage of the theft. The video shows a man covering his face with a baseball hat and clothes who enters the exhibition room and takes the artist's 2007 work Trolley Hunters. It remains unclear who owns the artwork depicting Neanderthal-ish men hunting shopping carts.

The $35m show described as the world's biggest Banksy exhibit features more than 80 works. The show has faced criticism, because tickets cost $27 though Banksy, who will not attend the exhibition, is known for his anti-capitalist stance.

According to Toronto Sun, Lazarides, who stopped working with Banksy in 2009, said to defend the exhibition: “I’ve been there looking at it for the last 20 years so I’m not looking at it through the same eyes as his. He’s not sanctioned it, I’ve not asked him, but I think he belongs to the general public and the general public have made him who he is and they deserve to see these works.”

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