If the new plan is approved by the government, the total budget for culture and media will be $2 billion.

Monika Grütters. Source: Jörg Carstensen/Artforum

German culture minister Monika Grütters said the state planned to increase funding of the arts by $356 million, Monopol reports. If the bill is passed by the parliament, the total budget for culture and media will be $2 billion, which is 23% more than last year.

According to Artforum, the increase in the federal budget proposed by Grütters is part of her 2017 election pledges. Grütters says the increased in funding will show the government’s belief in the value of culture.

She also noted that if approved, the budget will send “a strong signal that culture is the foundation for our open and democratic society”.

Germany’s budget for culture has grown 38%, or $551.1, since Grütters became minister of culture in 2013. To compare, Belarus plans to spend $106.8 million on culture and media in 2018; Russia’s budget for culture, cinema and media was $2.75 billion in 2017.

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