The virtual reality room 360 can change the way art is produced, viewed and sold.

The gallery is not like others: there are no photographs, sculptures or installations – only a few headsets and sound absorbing walls.

The exhibition opens with American artist Rachel Rossin’s work that takes viewers into a 3D copy of her personal space.

Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker who experienced the technology says: “This isn’t just simply about representing the real world in the virtual, it’s also about experiencing the artist’s mind frame and emotional state at the time of creation.”

The gallery also features an experimental space with white walls and white stands resembling the interior of traditional galleries and museums. This is a project by British artist Mat Collishaw that immerses viewers in one of the first photography exhibitions in the 1830s, allowing visitors to see rare works and feel the atmosphere of the almost 200-year-old exhibition space.

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