In an effort to restore the cultural economy, they share spaces with galleries whose buildings were damaged.

Visitors at Galeria CAM for Sábados de Galerías on October 8. Photo: Galeria CAM

Mexico is recovering after the 7.1-magnitude earthquake that took place on September 19. Galleries also work to rebuild the city. Art dealers, curators and artists gather in different locations in October to discuss their further actions. They unite behind Sábados de Galerías, the platform launched in June to attract more people to art spaces in the city.

The event organiser, Brett Schultz, worked with his team on the schedule when the earthquake took place in September. They understood people would need to help each other after the disaster and decided to use the platform to join efforts of art institutions: “Through the communication that already existed via Sábados de Galerías we were able to assemble all of the gallerists in the city in one place at the same time, which has never happened before,” Brett Schultz told the Art Newspaper.

“We were all feeling pretty uncertain about our galleries’ respective futures, as well as wondering when is it okay to resume activities. It’s a much larger and more complex economy than just the galleries. We’re talking about all the artists, the framers, the fabricators and all the people that are involved in this industry.”

The galleries decided to team up and create a month-long programme. They held the first art tour on October 7 in the areas less damaged by the earthquake to give galleries in severely damaged districts more time to recover.

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