The creature was installed to mark the 150th anniversary of Canada.

Believers say the giant spider sitting atop the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica in Ottawa shows disrespect for the sacred site and represents a demonic presence.

The spider remained on the roof for a short time as part of a show organised by French street theater company La Machine in Ottawa to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The street performance on the roof of the Notre-Dame Cathedral was approved by archbishop of Ottawa Terrence Prendergast.

Local Catholics call the spider on the cathedral sacrilegious, disrespectful, disturbing and even shameful, leaving angry comments on the archbishop’s Facebook page.

According to Catholic News Service, the archbishop expressed his regret that the locals were shocked by the giant robotic spider on the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

“I guess we thought people would see this as a sign the church is involved in Ottawa’s celebrations,” he said. “Many people, both Catholic and others, English and Francophone, remarked how pleased they were that Notre Dame was involved in our celebration of Canada 150.”

The cathedral was chosen for the performance due to its location in front of the National Art Gallery, which features Louise Bourgeois’s large bronze spider sculpture called Maman.

This is how La Machine’s giant robotic creatures look like:

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