Their talk was part of the campaign #oktosay aimed at reducing the stigma around mental problems.

The Heads Together charity was launched by Prince William, his wife Catherine and brother Prince Henry to help people with mental disorders and raise mental health awareness. The charity’s campaign #oktosay combats the stigma and tries to change the conversation on mental health. As part of the campaign, people, including celebrities, discuss mental health problems.

Working with different social strata and groups, the organisation found out that mental health problems lie at the heart of some of the greatest social challenges. People often feel afraid to admit they have mental health problems due to the stigma, prejudice and judgement that still surround mental disorders. Heads Together works to end this practice and help people with mental health problems and their families feel more comfortable and break the fear of seeking mental health care. The Royal Family wants to change the conversation on mental health and wellbeing once and for all.

American singer Lady Gaga joined the Royal Family’s campaign. She revealed last year she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. In a video chat, Lady Gaga and Prince William discussed the stigma around mental health and ways to combat it. The singer said how opening up and accepting that part of her life helped her. Prince William said it’s time that everyone understands that speaking about mental health is as normal as speaking about physical health. Both agreed that even a conversation with a family member or a friend can help, raise your confidence, stop you be ashamed and seek help.

Prince William and Lady Gaga made plans to meet in Britain in October during the singer’s visit to the country. They plan to discuss further joint work to change the attitude towards mental disorders, especially among young people. They want to destroy the stigma, help people stop hiding and open up about their problems that wouldn’t be tabooed in society.

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