Siarhei Kvachonak was detained in violation of the constitutional right to freedom of assembly during a rally on the 99th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic.

UPD: Siarhei was sentenced to 10 days in custody. The sentence was delivered by judge of Minsk’s Pershamaiski district court S. I. Cherepovich.

Three other theatre members were arrested. They spent a few hours in a police station. They were later released without charges. Siarhei may have faced a jail term of up to 15 days. He is charged with disobeying police officers and violating mass events regulations. The police officers who detained Siarhei Kvachonak gave false evidence against him. They gave confused evidence and contradicted one another.

The photos show how Siarhei Kvachonak and other actors were detained:

Playwright Yuliya Shauchuk and BFT actors Maryna Yurevich, Andrei Urazau and Svetlana Sugako came to the court to support Siarhei. They sang “Mury” (Walls), a famous Poland’s Solidarity movement song written by Jacek Kaczmarski. The song was translated into Belarusian by poet Andrei Khadanovich.

Photo in the header: TUT.BY

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