According to a study, these movements are more likely to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

A team of researchers at Northumbria University studied how men perceive female dance and worked out a formula for ideal movements for nonverbal flirting with the opposite sex. The findings were published in the journal Nature, and the visual representation as a 3D model was posted on YouTube.

Researchers asked 39 women to dance in front of the camera. Their movements were recorded by special equipment to create computer-generated avatars. On the next stage, movements of 3D models were rated by a group of heterosexual men. It turned out that lower body movements (hips and thighs) received higher scores, while active arm movements were rated negatively.

Researchers analysed the scores and combined the most rated dance movements into a final a 3D model. Researchers suggest this dance is more likely to attract male attention. The video of a dancing woman can be used for improving your dancing and flirting techniques and bringing a new spark in your relationship.

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