The Facebook CEO is going to take measures to build a global community.

Mark Zuckerberg’s letter on his blog says he is going to take efforts to intensify globalisation processes. He thinks people should unite and build a global community to ensure progress and respond to challenges of today.
Zuckerberg says communication in today’s society goes far beyond cities and countries, spanning across nominal borders and making globalisation the natural course of development for humanity. According to him, a global community and cultural convergence will allow tackling such things as terrorism, climate change, pandemics, wars and mass migration.

Speaking about his company’s role in global processes, Zuckerberg noted Facebook has done a lot to connect friends and families over the last ten years. On the next stage, the social network will focus on developing the social infrastructure that would help create a global community meeting everyone’s interests.

The Facebook CEO draws attention to withdrawing from globalisation. When the social network was just founded, he says, the idea of being connected through information technologies was seen as a positive trend. Now, there are people in the world left behind globalisation, but some movements stand for withdrawing from global processes and connected world, questioning our abilities to build a global community that works for everyone and doubting whether global connection is our future.

Zuckerberg stresses the still thinks humanity’s future lies with connection and integration and promises to work in this direction. He notes that governments across the worlds, non-profit organisations and businesses should put efforts to make globalisation work for everyone, not just for some people.

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