Producer Michael De Luca announced a film focusing on the relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

The legendary musician’s 83-year-old window will join the team to work on the film. The script is written by Anthony McCarten, who is known, for example, as the writer for The Theory of Everything, a film about Stephen Hawking and his wife Jane. McCarten will also co-produce the project along with Ono, De Luca and Immersive Pictures’ Josh Bratman.

A feature drama about the relationship between Lennon and Ono is planned as a story of love, personal courage and political activism. A special focus will be given to the couple’s anti-war activism. Michael De Luca says the film is designed to inspire the American youth to stand up for their rights and have a clear vision for the world they want to live in.

“I am also honored and privileged to be working with Yoko Ono, Anthony McCarten and Josh Bratman to tell the story of two amazing global icons,” says Michael De Luca, who earlier worked on such films as Moneyball, The Social Network and Captain Phillips.

Yoko Ono is a Japanese artist and the widow of the Beatles legendary musician John Lennon. The first met in London in 1966 when the band was at the peak of popularity. Lennon and Ono later collaborated on a number of avant-garde projects and even founded the Plastic Ono Band. The couple actively advocated for peace, rights of indigenous peoples and prison reforms.

A comic book biography based on John Lennon’s life will be released this May. The graphic novel by David Foenkinos will focus on the musician’s story.

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