The range of emotions and physical gestures proposed by Vladimir Shcherban very accurately refers to the creative world of a genius choreographer Pina Bausch, who once said: “I’m not interested in how people move, I wonder what makes them tick”.

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In this performance by Belarus Free Theatre an analysis of “what makes people tick” becomes dominant, offering viewers themselves to complete an image of a modern human behavior from a mosaic of realized and unrealized actions, regardless of race, age, nationality or religious affiliation.


The group’s relentless quest for freedom of expression reaches its sublimated heights with A Flower for Pina Bausch.
Edmund Lee, Time Out Hong Kong

They say that the smell of milk chocolate awakens in the human brain some special receptors which are responsible for pleasure, and if to put it bluntly – chocolate smells like blissful happiness! I do not know how happiness smells, but this weekend I’ve sensed the smell of Freedom! It smells like danger, determination, and bitter flavor of talent…
Pavel Selin, Editor-in-chief of the NTV Russian Television Channel


Director, concept and adaptation: Vladimir Shcherban

Pavel Haradnitski
Yana Rusakevich
Aleh Sidorchyk
Hanna Slatvinskaya
Dzianis Tarasenka
Maryna Yurevich
Yuliya Shauchuk
Viktoryia Biran

Original contribution in writing and acting: Irina “Yaro” Yaroshevich
Assistant Directors: Svetlana Sugako and Nadia Brodskaya
Stage Manager: Siarhei Kvachonak
Producers: Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin

Running time 1 hour 20 minutes
Performed in Russian with projected subtitles

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