merry christmas, Ms Meadows challenges the role of identity, gender and sexuality in the world today.

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Building on the company’s first-degree research, gender studies and observations from Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA, in areas where to be different is often comparable to a criminal act, merry christmas, Ms Meadows draws on real life stories to create an original and arresting piece of theatre.

Age Guidance: 14+


This was, simply, one of the most jaw-dropping and admirable pieces of theatre that I have ever seen. Performing in Russian, the eight-strong cast of Belarus Free Theatre were awe-inspiring from start to finish, taking real life stories and translating them into some of the most theatrically pleasing work imaginable…This stunning and courageous production has got to be the highlight of my festival. Thank you Ms. Meadows. Your story has now been told with dignity, and for me it was as if all my Christmases had come at once.
★★★★★ Fringe Guru

Merry Christmas, Ms Meadows is activist theatre gone right. Belarus Free Theatre combine urgency and innovative production design in a play that is both a thing of beauty and a convincing argument that issues of gender and sexuality deserve our continued attention.
★★★★ The Skinny

Breathtaking moments of theatrical invention and beauty, movement and imagery.
★★★★ The Scotsman

Their ‘associative thinking’ style approach, rejecting the traditional norms of a linear narrative with an absolute message, is a freeing experience.
★★★★ Theatre Bubble

Theatrically and politically potent.
What’s On Stage


Merry Christmas. Ms Meadows

Devised and performed by Belarus Free Theatre

Performers, devisers and contributors:
Viktoryia Biran
Pavel Haradnitski
Siarhei Kvachonak
Dzianis Tarasenka
Maryna Yurevich
Yana Rusakevich
Yuliya Shauchuk
Svetlana Sugako
Kiryl Kanstantsinau
Andrei Urazau
Maryia Sazonava
Maryia Padziarei

Director, Adapter, Deviser, Dramturg, Stage and Costume Design: Vladimir Shcherban
Original translation: Yuri Kaliada
English adaptation: Chris Thorpe
Concept: Natalia Kaliada

Stage Manager: Svetlana Sugako
Assistant Director: Nadia Brodskaya
Producer: Fenella Dawnay
Executive Producers: Natalia Kaliada and Nicolai Khalezin

Running time: 90 mins

Performed in Russian with English surtitles

Originally developed at Dartington Hall with support from the Prince Claus Fund and Dartington Hall Trust. Researched with support from Amnesty International.

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