Belarus Free Theatre Against TTIP! Belarus Free Theatre Against TTIP! Red Line June 30, 22:39 This week a European petition against TTIP has reached a record 2 million signatures a few days ahead of a crucial vote on the deal by MEPs in the European parliament. Red Line Campaign Red Line Campaign Red Line June 07, 18:48 The facts: The accident at the nuclear power station in Chernobyl in Ukraine in 1986, affected 60% of the landmass of Belarus and turned the forest red. Radioactive contamination led to a massive rise in birth defects and cases of thyroid and other life-threatening cancers and related deaths – though the exact numbers are contested. A new nuclear power station is now being built in Belarus on the border of Europe. It has failed to meet international and European safety standards of assessing environmental impact and public involvement in the consultation process. People fear that another Chrenobyl is in the making, but Lukashenko is going ahead in the face of protest from within the country and from neighbouring countries. more