The exhibition Bauhaus: Building the New Artist features works from Getty’s collection

The Bauhaus school building in Dessau. Source: Wikipedia

The Getty Research Institute has opened the online exhibition Bauhaus: Building the New Artist dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus school, Artguide learnt from the Getty Museum.

The exhibition offers interactive exercises allowing visitors to learn about the techniques used by Bauhaus’s masters, including Vassily Kandisky’s form and color survey, as well as materials from the Getty archives

The exhibition features Bauhaus’s works from the Getty collection combined into dynamic hybrid of text, images and interactives. Users can ”study” in the 100-year-old school via the 21st-century technology.

The online exhibition also offers an overview of the Bauhaus school, provides information about its curriculum, masters and students. Each of the sections contains interactive exercise, allowing users to immerse themselves in 100-year-old Bauhaus courses.

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