Pascal "PBOY" Boyart found a way to earn money from art without middlemen. Potential donors just need to have a smartphone and a Bitcoin wallet.

A stencil for the QR code that allows the artist to earn Bitcoin. Source: Pascal "PBOY" Boyart/Artnet

French street artist Pascal "PBOY" Boyart became interested in blockchain technology and stopped painting for six months to learn details in the new financial system.

He decided to use a QR code as a link to his Bitcoin wallet and put it next to his mural. As a result, he earned 0.11 Bitcoin (about $1,000) in a month. Donors were 23 people who liked the artist’s work.

In addition to a new way of direct earning, he created a precedent of selling street art without handing over an art piece. Actually, art amatours just donate him money.

Rembrandt dos au mur (Rembrandt Back Against the Wall). Source: Pascal "PBOY" Boyart/Artnet

“I think that the times we are living are difficult for free-minded artists. It looks like the Impressionist era, with an official art of academic artists and the others that you have not much chance to see in an international art fair,” he told Artnet.

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