Members of parliament approved the decision to withdraw from the European song contest and called to support a national alternative.

Russian MP Oleg Nilov, his colleagues singer Iosif Kobzon and cosmonaut Valentinan Tereshkova organised a song contest titled Dobrovidenie, folk song festival founded some years ago. In Russian, Dobrovidenie sounds similar to Eurovision and can be translated as Goodvision). It is a folk song festival that was founded some years ago.

Speaking to his fellow MPs, Nilov praised Russia’s decision to withdraw from Eurovision and spoke negatively about the contest.

“It was the right decision not to go to Eurovision. As you may remember, some years ago I even sang Black Raven in a blaze of indignation right here, at the rostrum. It was after the victory of that creature, not a man and not a woman,” he said, meaning Austria’s 2014 entrant Conchita Wurst.

Using the opportunity, he promoted the contest founded by Kobzon, Tereshkova and him and complained about the lack of support. In particular, he said the event received little media attention and proposed that the TV channels that refused to broadcast Eurovision should give air time to Dobrovidenie.

Russia won’t participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv this year. Russians won’t be able to atch the event on TV as Russian TV channels refused to broadcast it, protesting against the entry ban imposed by Ukraine on Russia’s entrant.

The Security Service of Ukraine barred Russia's Eurovision entrant Yulia Samoylova from entering the country after she had visited Crimea in 2015, violating Ukrainian border crossing laws. The violation is punished with a three-year ban on entering the country, which means that the singer can’t perform in Kyiv. The Eurovision Song Contest 2017 will be held in the Ukrainian capital on May 9 – May 13.

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